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Established in 1965, Doulah & Doulah is now one

of the oldest law firms in Bangladesh





This is a stressed area of Doulah & Doulah’s international practice and the firm is well known around the world for its expertise in this area. The firm has advised and assisted a number of multinational banking companies in their amalgamation, acquisition, reorganizing and restructuring processes, and frequently advises banking companies on their internal management and employment issues.

Doulah & Doulah’s Banking and Finance Practice represents clients in many aspects of financing transactions, from origination and negotiation, to documentation and closing, and when necessary, to enforcement of remedies or procedures and agreements for workout and reorganization. Commercial and investment banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions appoint the firm to represent them in their various capacities in financing transactions.

The growing complexity of the modern banking system, the variety of financial products and increased internationalization means that the scope for disputes in the banking sector is escalating. Doulah & Doulah has wide experience and expertise in banking litigations and dispute resolution. The form works with banks and other financial institutions, combining extensive industry sector knowledge with specialist litigation and dispute resolution skills.

The firm also provides expert advisory on insurance matters. Recently it has completed an enforcement matter for Phoenix International on insurance claims. In addition we represented clients like Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance, Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. etc. in large value lawsuits

Islamic banking is another first going area for the firm and the firm is one of the very few firms in the region to have expertise in Islamic banking. It advises various local banks on Islamic banking frequently. Recently it advised a Malaysian Bank on its potential Islamic sukuk bond issue. The firm also advises Takaful Life Insurance Company.

The firm acts as regular consultants to Standard Chartered Bank, Moneygram, Mastercard, Visa, Western Union, Takaful, Overseas China Banking Corporation etc. The firm advises CGAP, Charities Aid Foundation and Vigo Trading Limited for micro credit finance and related products.

Regulatory Framework for Belgacom:
Belgacom is a global mobile remittance hub, located in Belgium which acts as a hub between mobile network operators in order to allow them to offer cross-border mobile remittance services. In 2010 Doulah & Doulah performed a regulatory framework for Belgacom towards finalization of its arrangements in Bangladesh.

Commodity Derivative Transactions for Commerzebank:
In 2008-2010 period Doulah & Doulah worked for Commerzebank with respect to its commodity derivative arrangements and relevant regulatory framework in Bangladesh. Following the liberalization of commodity derivative options by Bangladesh Bank in 2010 the firm assisted the bank in finalization of a number of OTC Derivatives and Money Market Products arrangements with a large number of Banks incorporated in Bangladesh.

Asset Management for Central Bank by Deutsche Bank:
Advised Deutsche Bank Asset Management, Germany in managing segregated accounts and assets for the central bank

LGT Bank
We worked for LGT Bank for the securitization for a large volume listed securities in Bangladesh

Noor Bank, UAE:
Advised Noor Bank in providing foreign exchange facilities to local banks in Bangladesh

DS Concept
We are advising DS Concept, a German financial institution on its factoring of receivables in collaboration to Bangladeshi banks.

Banque De Luxembourg
Advised Banque De Luxembourg in investment products offered to local residents for investment

Country Framework for Mastercard:
Doulah & Doulah has completed the project for Master Card with respect to ensuring its regulatory compliance in Bangladesh with respect to local banking, ICT and telecommunication laws and regulations.

Country Framework for Money Access products for JP Morgan:
Doulah & Doulah has been appointed for analyzing, reviewing and finalizing the JP Morgan money access product arrangements in Bangladesh. The firm completed the project successfully.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Netting & Pooling:
Doulah & Doulah was appointed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch for the finalization of its netting and pooling arrangements with a number of Bangladeshi banks following regulatory framework conducted by the firm.

Royal Bank of Scotland FX Products & Facilities:
Doulah & Doulah worked for Royal Bank of Scotland towards a country framework encompassing global FX transaction facilities and products with a consideration to include / exclude PIN based payment options with the relevant clearing house requirements.

Development Bank of Singapore FX & Option Transactions:
Doulah & Doulah worked for Development Bank of Singapore towards a country framework with respect to margin trading facilities for foreign exchange and options transactions to Bangladeshi Banks.

ANZ Global Netting & Pooling:
Doulah & Doulah assisted Australia & New Zealand Banking in a regulatory framework for global netting and pooling arrangements with local banks and institutions in Bangladesh.

Derivative Arrangements for Wachovia Bank:
Doulah & Doulah worked for Wachovia Bank towards a regulatory framework for its forward, credit, swap and option transaction arrangements with a number of local banks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Central Bank Reserve Investment:
We completed a regulatory framework project for an International Development Bank towards offering of liquidated fund investment and management instruments to Bangladesh Bank and finalization of the underlying documents and agreements. The project was a very sensitive one in consideration to its scopes and participants.

CALYON Bank Global Charge arrangement:
In 2010 Doulah & Doulah worked for CALYON Bank with respect to analyzing and finalization of the global charge agreement between CLSA Capital Limited and CALYON Bank with respect to its underlying assets in Bangladesh FX Products:
The firm has finalized a number of global account arrangements for its multinational clients in Bangladesh.


• We advised Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank in its sale of RHB Capital
• We advised NDB Bank in its acquisition of Capital Market Services Ltd.
• We worked in the acquisition of Credit Agricole Indosuez by Commercial Bank of Ceylone
• We advised ANZ in its sale of Bangladesh operation to Standard Chartered Banking Group


• We worked for the liquidation of BCCI with respect to its underlying assets in Bangladesh and claimants
• We worked for the liquidation of Lehmann Brothers Entities with respect to its underlying assets in Bangladesh

Custodian Agreements:

• Custodian Agreement finalization for ABN Amro
• Custodian Agreement finalization for Bank of New York at Melone
• Custodian Agreement finalization between Nomura and Standard Chartered Bank
• Custodian Agreement finalization between Global Emerging Markets and Citibank

Ligation clients include American Express UK Ltd. , Citibank Diners Club Europe, Credit Suisse, Swiss Bank, ANZ, American Express, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, Banque Indosuez, HSBC, National Westminster, Netherlandsche Middenstandsbank, BNP Paribas, Dubai Islamic Bank, Emirates Bank, Rabobank, First National Bank of Boston, First National Bank of Hong Kong, Global Trust Bank, Habib Bank, Reserve Bank of India, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, First CIty National Bank of Houston etc.

Doulah & Doulah advises range of insurance companies in Bangladesh. A few recent transactions include:

• Advised Prudential is setting up in its business in Bangladesh
• Advising Hermes Euler in its reinsurance products in Bangladesh


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