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Established in 1965, Doulah & Doulah is now one

of the oldest law firms in Bangladesh





Franchising is considered to be a very sophisticated method of strategic alliances without exposing the franchisor to local regulatory authorities. In Bangladesh franchises are predominant in the sectors of fast for retailers, shops and drinks. As such, franchising and franchises agreements require very careful arrangements and drafting along with a validity of it under local regulatory regime. In addition franchising agreements are continuously evolving in line with market dynamism and franchisor specific underlying management and quality control methodology.

Doulah & Doulah has leading practice with respect of franchises and franchising in Bangladesh. It has been involved in franchising in most of the major franchises in Bangladesh especially in the sector of retail food chains. It has wide experience in conducting due diligence and in this connection it has conducted a number of due diligence assignments with respect to potential franchisees for franchisors in Bangladesh.

Licensing forms an integral part of a franchising arrangement and the firm possess wide experience in drafting, finalizing and perfecting of license agreements. The firm also provides complete transfer of technology solutions to its clients.

The firm has been appointed in all of the major franchise matters in Bangladesh including clients like Freaser & Neave, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC, Pepsi, Co., Dominos Pizza, Subway, Papa Johnís, ACG, Krispy Creme Donut, Butlers Chocolate etc. Franchises in IT sector includes client like Webel Informatics, Wipro, Sun Micro systems, NIIT etc.



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