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Established in 1965, Doulah & Doulah is now one

of the oldest law firms in Bangladesh






In the changing global economy, tough business decisions are inevitable. Litigations cannot be avoided al the times. The litigation practice at the firm has a track record of dealing with disputes of different categories. As businesses pursue strategies, their enforcement and litigation concerns likewise expand. Many of the clients see enforcement and litigation as a form of risk management.

Doulah & Doulah works to help its clients resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, whether through arbitration, litigation or other techniques, in a manner that promotes their business objectives. It also works with clients to develop compliance programs and other techniques to minimize future litigation risks. In particular it possesses expertise in managing complex, multi-faceted cases involving multiple claims and parties.

The firm represents clients in some of the largest and significant matters, particularly in the areas of intellectual property, construction, banking and energy. The firm has a successful track record in challenging the actions of administrative and regulatory authorities and enforcement of government contracts in constitutional petitions. It also has extensive experience in judicial review of administrative decisions by the Govt. authorities.

      General dispute & litigation:

Multidimensional litigation practice is a specialty at the firm. The firm has so far represented a large number of clients in domestic courts. Major clients in large value litigations include Fortune Swimwear, Toa Decorient, Cargill, BNP Paribas, Arel Ingenrie, Ecri Inginerie, Wooyan, KEIC, HITEX, Rupam, Pratt Finance, Sabah Shipyard, Saipem s.p.a., Hyundai, Alteco , People’s Ceramics , Sankyu, Westfield  etc.

      Admiralty Court litigation:

The firm handles a wide range of shipping matters for both domestic and international clients including owners, agents, P&I clubs, financiers, charterers and cargo interests together with their insurers. The firm has also represented freight forwarders, trade associations and other providers of maritime services. The firm has handled a variety of cargo disputes involving diverse items, such as bulk oil, grain and containerized goods. Major clients Include Far Eastern Shipping, Aurora Shipping, Nigerian Shipping, Hoang Leong Corporation etc.

      Security Exchange Commission Tribunal:

Being a market leader in the areas of capital market the firm represents clients before Security Exchange Commission tribunals. Recent client includes Bank of New York Melone, Parsheng Sucurities, Global Emerging Markets etc 

      Labour Courts & Disputes:

Doulah & Doulah frequently represents its clients before labour courts in Bangladesh on various employer-employee relations issues, disciplinary actions, and compliance issues. Recent clients on such matters include GAP, Edinburgh Wollen Mills, TechOne Global, etc.

      Money Loan & Bankruptcy Court:

The firm frequently represents various banks and borrowers in money loan courts and bankruptcy trials towards creditor issues, company bankruptcy plea, restructure etc. Recent clients include International basics Agrani bank etc.

International Tribunals & Courts:

Doulah & Doulah represents clients in big value matters in suits lying before international Courts. Recently it has completed successful representation in two largest anti-dumping suits in US courts. It also provided opinion in recent Siemens corruption cases. In addition it has just facilitated win of Omnicorn Ship Management on a private port dispute in a US court. Besides it frequently represents international bankruptcy courts in Bangladesh on various matters including service of notices, opinions etc.

      Enforcement of Foreign Money Judgments:

The firm specializes in enforcement of foreign money judgments in Bangladesh. Recent clients include Statoil Asia, Intelsat, Fortune Swimwear etc.

      Enforcement of Arbitral Awards:

The firm specializes in enforcement of foreign money judgments in Bangladesh. Recent clients include Indutech, Cargill etc.

      Writ Petitions & Judicial Reviews:

The firm has a successful track record in challenging the actions of administrative and regulatory authorities and enforcement of government contracts in constitutional petitions. It also has extensive experience in judicial review of administrative decisions by the Govt. authorities. Recent matters include customs duty issues for ZTE and against award of an international tender against public procurement rules.

Intellectual property Tribunals:

Doulah & Doulah is leading composite IP law firm in Bangladesh. It represents a number of international brands before the trademark and patent tribunals in Bangladesh including Colgate, Nokia, Pepsi Co., etc.

Alternative dispute resolution may be in form of Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation or negotiation. Because of high cost involvements and time requirements for resolving matters by way of litigation in Courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has gained in popularity as it offers a variety of ways to resolve disputes without resorting to traditional litigation. These include negotiation, early neutral evaluation, mediation and mini-trials.  ADR is quick, cheap and effective allowing the parties to talk to each other directly to settle their differences with the neutral assistance of a professional facilitator. Furthermore, experience shows that the rate of compliance is likely to be higher when parties reach their own agreement.

At Doulah & Doulah, we take an imaginative and constructive approach, which involves consideration of all forms of dispute resolution. We can help with the prevention of disputes or dispute resolution like Arbitration, Conciliation, Negotiation mediation etc.  In 2003 the Bangladesh government introduced Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the judicial system. The Parliament passed The Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act 2003 in March 2003 with a view to quicken disposal of cases through mediation if contesting parties agrees to it. The arbitration system started functioning from 31 May, 2003

Doulah & Doulah acts both in national and international arbitration matters. The members of the firm have expertise and experience in all sorts of commercial arbitration, including ICC arbitration. The firm advises on a wide range of arbitration issues, including arbitration clauses and submission agreements, choice of forum and rules of arbitration, enforceability of awards and the role of national courts during arbitration proceedings. The firm has been involved in litigation for enforcing arbitration awards, staying court proceedings initiated in violation of arbitration clauses and obtaining interim relief in support of pending arbitration proceedings.

The firm has facilitated a number of high value disputes through mediation, conciliation and negotiation for clients like Sunrich ship Management, Cotton Incorporated, Deamer, Euromoney , Reed Exhibitions, Faideal, Bengal Tiger Cement, Buckingham University, Eagle Star International, Emansion Co. Ltd., International Insurance Pte., Komuri Corporation, Littlewood, Yale University, Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance, Liverpool & London Steamship Protection & Indemnity Association, Matimak Trading Co., McDonalds International, MyMy Corporation, SCIEC, Swan Textile Mills Ltd., Tong Hong United Textiles, UK Food Exporters, Wei Ying Corporation, Singtel etc.

Key arbitration experience of the firm includes clients like Saipem s.p.a, Arel Ingenierie, HAM voa, CARGILL, Al Aqeeq, Dunham Bush, ECRI Ingenierie etc.At the moment the firm is conducting two ICC arbitrations for Gulf Air and another for Microsoft.


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